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The Agenda, Minutes and Reports for meetings of the Council can be accessed here one week before the meeting.

The Council welcomes attendance by Members of the public. There is a public forum at the start of each meeting at which the public can raise any matter of relevance to the Town 

Please note that with effect from 6th April, 2020 meetings of the Town Council will be held remotely in accordance with the provisions of the Coronavirus Act 2020.

Members of the public are welcome to join the Meeting and raise any item within the remit of the Committee during the designated public forum.

Details on how to join the meeting are contained on each Agenda and can also be obtained by contacting the Town Clerk

(All meetings commence at 6.00 pm unless stated otherwise)

Tuesday 23rd January  Agenda and Reports 

Tuesday 6th February 

(5.00 pm) 

Agenda and Reports

Addendum to Report on Car Parking (Item 6) 

Monday 19th March 

Agenda and Reports 

Report 10

Appendix 1

Saturday 12th May (11.30 am) - Annual Meeting of the Town Council 

21st May  Agenda and Reports 
16th July Agenda and Reports 
10th September  Agenda and Reports
5th November  Agenda and Reports 
14th January  Agenda and Reports 
11th March

Agenda and Reports

Purpose Built Student Accommodation - Supplementary Planning Document

Report 8 

11th May- (11.30 am) Annual Meeting of the Council  Minutes 
Thursday 23rd May 

Agenda and Reports 

Draft Minutes 

Monday 22nd July


Report 8 - Business Rates Relief

Minutes of Council - 23.05.19 

Monday 16th September  Agenda and Reports 
Monday 4th November  Agenda and Reports
Monday 2nd December 

Extraordinary Meeting

Agenda and Reports 

Monday 13th January

Agenda and Reports 

Budget 2020-21 

Monday 9th March  Agenda and Reports 

Annual Council

Saturday 16th May - 11.30 am


Minutes 09.03.20

Committee Appointments 


Thursday 4th June 2020


Outside Bodies Report

Coronavirus Update

Minutes of Meeting -16.05.20


Thursday 16th July


Annual Governance and Return 

AGAR - Appx 1

Income and Exp Account - Appx 2

Balance Sheet - Appx 2

end of year reconciliation 

Committee Appointments

Power of General Competence

Minutes - 4th June 2020

Thursday 17th September Agenda and Reports 
Thursday 12th November  
Thursday 14th January  
Thursday 4th March  

Annual Town Council

Saturday 15th May (11.30 am)