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The Agenda, Minutes and Reports for meetings of the Cultural and Community Committee can be accessed here one week before the meeting.

Please note that with effect from 6th April, 2020, meetings of the Town Council will be held remotely in accordance with the provisions of the Coronavirus Act 2020.

Members of the public are welcome to join the Meeting and raise any item within the remit of the Committee during the designated public forum.

Details on how to join the meeting are contained on each Agenda and can also be obtained by contacting the Town Clerk.

13th February  Agenda and Reports 
10th April  Agenda and Reports 
24th May Agenda and Reports 
10th July  Agenda and Reports 
6th September Agenda & Reports
18th October  Agenda and Reports 
29th November   
17th January  Agenda & Reports 
28th February 

Agenda & Reports


Thursday 13th June  Agenda & Reports 
Thursday 11th July This meeting is cancelled
Thursday 5th September Agenda & Reports 
Thursday 3rd October

Agenda and Reports

Report No. 8 - LIB Marking 

Thursday 7th November 



Grant Report

Tree Replacement Schedule

Thursday 5th December  Agenda and Reports 
16th January  Agenda and Reports 
20th February This meeting is cancelled 
19th March Agenda & Reports 
23rd April This meeting is cancelled
15th June


Minutes - 19.03.20

Grants Schedule

13th July


Minutes 15.06.20

Objectives Report

Leamington History Group - Proposal

7th September This meeting is cancelled 
5th October Agenda and Reports
2nd November  
11th January  
1st March  
12th April