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The Town Council has embarked upon preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish of Leamington Spa.

A Neighbourhood Plan enables local people to make their voice heard on the future development of the area in which they live and work. A Neighbourhood Plan is a planning document that once adopted becomes part of the statutory development Plan for an area- it can therefore be taken into account by the Local Planning Authority when determining planning applications and by Planning Inspectors when considering planning appeals.  Within the strategic development policies of the District Local Plan, a Neighbourhood Plan can establish the criteria for suitable sites for future development and determine the type of development and its relationship to the wider community through policies relating to transport, urban space management, flood prevention, employment opportunities, recreation and leisure provision and energy conservation measures.

This is your opportunity to find out how the Neighbourhood Plan can benefit you and your family and friends.

The Town Council is now preparing the next stages in the programme of community engagement to ensure that everyone who lives or works in our Town has an opportunity to influence the Neigbourhood Plan. The responsibility for developing a Neighbourhood Plan will be allocated to a Steering Group comprising a cross-section of interests and abilities within the Town.

Various documents of interest are included here to assist you in understanding more about the Neighbourhood Plan. If you would like to know more, or get involved in either the work of the Steering Group, or any of the Task Groups that will be formed to investigate the issues and inform the development of key policies, then please get in touch.

You can follow everything that is happening through our dedicated Neighbourhood Plan website - Leamington Neighbourhood Plan 

Date submitted  Document 
21.09.16 Application to WDC 
21.09.16 Neighbourhood Plan Area 
21.09.16 Public Forum - Feedback for Group Sessions
21.09.16 Public Forum - Press Release 
21.09.16 Steering Group Terms of Reference 
16.11.17 Planning policy evidence base
4.02.18 1st Consultation Draft - Preferred Options

The Community Infrastructure Levy CIL - Briefing for Councillors

CIL - Frequently Asked Questions 

17.06.19   Regulation 14 Consultation Neighbourhood Plan 
12/11/19 Statement of Community Involvement 
2.12.19 Regulation 16 - RLS Neighbourhood Plan 

The Neighbourhood Plan is complementary to a number of other initiatives concerned with the future development of the Town. Foremost among these is the work currently being undertaken by Warwick District Council to provide impetus to a number of projects within the Town Centre.  Details of the Vision and Strategy for the Town Centre are available below

Town Centre - Vision and Strategy 

Town Centre - Vision - Presentation